4 Tips To Make Working From Home With Dogs Easier

4 Tips To Make Working From Home With Dogs Easier

Working From Home With Dogs

Workingfrom Home with Dogs should not be a challenge

Working from home is amazing. I'm able to work while my dogs snore happily in the background or share a spot with me in my office chair. I've been lucky, as I've been working from home for 15 years now. Despite the convenience of a remote job, working from home with dogs can get a bit loud if you know what I mean. Here are four tips that will ensure peace and quiet during calls with the boss and your clients.

Go on a walk before work

For the most part, a tired dog is a good dog. Before your workday begins, take your dogs out for a 30-minute walk. Instead of walking swiftly, take your time and let your dogs sniff and see what "Facebook messages" were left in the grass by other dogs. Sniffing is wonderful mental enrichment, and it's just as exhausting as walking quickly around your neighborhood or local park. Once home, make sure your dogs have plenty of fresh water available and start up your computer.

Keep your dogs quiet during conference calls

Working from home means you're on the phone a lot, so it's important to collaborate with co-workers on projects through individual phone chats and conference calls. During conference calls, I'm pretty good at figuring out which conference call attendees work from home too because I can hear their dogs barking in the background!

Here's how to keep your dogs quiet while you're on a conference call. About 5 minutes before a conference call, give each dog a frozen food stuffed toy and separate him or her. This way, they can enjoy their treats without squabbling. Log in to your conference call with confidence that your dogs are happily and quietly licking away at their frozen prizes, which is entertaining and completely exhausting too. Sure, the mute button is a godsend, but food stuffed toys are better! After your call, pick up each toy to refill after work

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